Oil Collector Kitchen Chimney in Kolkata


Filtration capacity 8 litres per 45 - minutes
Installation type Table top
Advantages 1 No boiling required
Advantages 2 No running water
Features Removes Bacteria & Viruses

About this product

Superior Built Quality. Endowed with German technology and silver nano purification systems, this model is truly a number one in its category.

Silver Nano Bacterial Removal

Built for healthy drinking water this model removes each and every bacteria

Activated Carbon Block

An extra strengthening feature removes impurities, colour and chlorine from the water

ABS food grade body

The body is made from completely non toxic and food grade plastic

The Propello Advantage - Water Purifier

Multi-step purifying process. Combination of UV and RO technology. Easy-to-use interface. Propello Water Purifiers have been designed to give you clean, pure drinking water with minimum hassle. The range of water purifiers features a variety of purifying techniques, ensuring the water you drink is free not only from contaminants but also from bacteria and viruses.

Propello Water Purifiers are available in a range of capacities and sizes.