Oil Collector Kitchen Chimney in Kolkata


Storage Capacity Tank - 9 ltrs
Filtration capacity Filtration Capacity - 8 ltr/hr
Purifying Technology Filtration - Reverse Osmosis
Filter cartridges Table Top & wall mounting
Installation type Two Pre Filters
Filter Type 11 Kg. (approx.)
Dimension 382 mm x 254 mm x 422 mm ( W x D x H)
Power rating 30 watts
% Reduction in TDS 90% (approx)
Membranes RO membranes

About this product

Karvy is a user friendly product that is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance over the years

7 stage filtration

Seven stage filtration ensures purity at every drop

90-95 % TDS reduction

Removes dissolved impurities ensuring complete protection from germs and contamination

ABS food grade body

The body is made from completely non toxic and food grade plastic

The Propello Advantage - Water Purifier

Multi-step purifying process. Combination of UV and RO technology. Easy-to-use interface. Propello Water Purifiers have been designed to give you clean, pure drinking water with minimum hassle. The range of water purifiers features a variety of purifying techniques, ensuring the water you drink is free not only from contaminants but also from bacteria and viruses.

Propello Water Purifiers are available in a range of capacities and sizes.